We created a small supply kit for those wanting to create a few products and try their hand at blending. 

This currently includes: *due to COVID supplies can be difficult to obtain, we will update as needed.

PET plastic bottles with cap; cap may be flip top, treatment pump, spray

1x 1 ounce

1x 4 ounce

1x8 ounce

Double wall plastic or glass jar with lid

1x 2 ounce

1x 4 ounce

Amber glass bottle with orifice reducer cap

2x 10ml

Glass Roll on bottles

2x 10ml

Carriers for blending

1x 4 ounce Oil *Ex. Almond, Coconut, Rice bran

1x 4 ounces of Aloe or Witch hazel or Hydrosol

1x 2 ounces of Butter, Beeswax, or Cocoa butter 

Descriptions on all carriers and how to use them


Starter Supply Kit