These bundles contain Certified Naturally Grown lavender from Old Field Lavender Farm and ethically wildcrafted cedar from the banks of the New River. Cedar is great for cleansing negative energies. Just light it up, hold it over a plate, and swish it around some . All of the bleh feelings  will evaporate into thin air! They are bound together with 100% cotton string and blessed by Hecate. Love is the thing, y’all. Love wins!

Here is a little information on Old Field lavender Farm:

Our online shop contains ritual smudge bundles that contain, among other plants, lavender. From time to time, there are also other items. Every product sold here contains lavender that was Certified Naturally Grown at Old Field Lavender Farm.

The ritual smudge bundles are all handmade by me, Stray Puma, and I always make them with the guidance of Spirit.

Although I have only recently begun making magic smudge bundles again in this incarnation, Spirit has told me that I have been making magic smudge bundles for seven lifetimes. I was very hesitant to use the word “smudge,” as I believe it to be a cultural appropriation, and I do not wish or intend to offend anyone. I am following the guidance and direction of Spirit in using this word, and I love you!

You may also appreciate knowing that for every order, I dowse among the bundles in my inventory of the kind that you have selected, and Spirit shows me which particular bundle is for you.

I grow the lavender and some of the other plants, myself, without the aid of chemicals, and I ethically wildcraft (or ask friends to ethically wildcraft) the remainder. I wrap each bundle tightly with 100% cotton string, and then I ask Spirit to bless them. They are intended to be burned, not sat upon a shelf. Hold a plate under them, and burn the pretty end first. Set your intention for burning the smudge, and always say thank you to the plant spirits. “The ancient practice of burning dried sage for cleansing has roots in Native American tradition. Shamans burned sage over a fire to cleanse people of negativity and promote healing, wisdom, and longevity. It's something we should always be doing with intention, reverence, and deep gratitude to those who did it before us.” ~ Giselle Wasfie, doctor of Chinese medicine and founder of REMIX Acupuncture & Integrative Health

Each smudge bundle comes with a printed description on card stock.

For every $10 smudge bundle sold in our online store, we will donate 20% (or $2) to BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Black Lives Matter protesters get free protection bundles. All you pay is shipping. Just send me a message on the contact page, and I’ll hook you up.

Two dollars from every $10 bundle purchase is donated to Black Lives Matter. To learn more about our social justice smudge bundles, visit Or search for the hashtag #smudgeforjustice.

Smudge Bundles

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