I love this diffuser blend (this one is for adults). It’s got rich coniferous notes and when you breathe in, you can just feel the camphoraceous Ravintsara and bright Lemon opening up your sinuses.

This Aromatherapy diffuser blend for colds and flu is helpful, because Siberian Fir and Ravintsara have airborne antimicrobial properties. They can help take out viruses before the viruses get into your system! If you have children under 10 years old just replace the Ravintsara with Cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana and Cedrus atlantica are both great).

The chemical components bornyl acetate (in Siberian Fir), limonene (in Lemon), and 1,8 cineole (in Ravintsara) may give this essential oil diffuser blend immune-supportive properties, especially for respiratory issues where congestion is present. So while they’re cleansing your air, they can boost your body’s defenses. They can help you overcome a respiratory infection quickly if you do happen to come down with something.


Ease Cold