This is a small batch product created by my dear friend, Stray Puma from Old Field Lavender Fram in Grassy Creek, NC. He used all Organic Cleavers and did a tincture using Icelandic Vodka.  Size: 1 ounce with dropper top.


Directions: use 1-2 droppers daily. Either simply place under the tongue & hold for 30 seconds then swallow. You may also place a dropper into a small glass of water or juice.


Cleavers is an herb of the fluid moving variety. It is the preferred herb in instances of water retention and edema. It may be particularly helpful for bladder inflammation and urine retention, as well as acute or relapsing urethritis. It is also indicated for kidney edema and may help to relieve kidney stone issues. As a lymphatic, it helps to soften and normalize hardened, swollen lymph nodes, especially about the head and underarm. It has a particular affinity for the spleen, assisting the organ with waste removal and acting as an alternative to help “cleanse” the blood. Traditionally, cleavers herb has been used as both a healing food and a medicinal plant. Today, it still has a role as a valuable herb in alternative medicine. Well-known for its diuretic and alternative properties, the benefits of cleavers herb will help treat common conditions that require overall cleansing. It is good for skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne, as well as urinary problems like cystitis.

Cleaver Tincture - 1oz