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Magical Scents For The Holidays

MAGICAL SCENTS FOR THE HOLIDAYS BAY LEAF (Pimenta racemosa) stimulates hair growth, eases muscle spasms/arthritic/neuralgia/ rheumatism aches and pains, circulatory stimulant, prevents and treats colds/flu/ variety of infectious diseases, indigestion, nausea, stomach ache, lifts depression, lowers stress, warming (CAUTION: dermal irritant, possible toxin, avoid with children and during pregnancy)

CINNAMON LEAF (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) powerful anti-infectious-broad spectrum, eliminates warts, strengthens gums, prevents and treats colds/flu/respiratory infections/severe acute bronchitis/sore throat, lessens rheumatism/gout pain, circulatory and cardiac stimulant, digestive aid, mental stimulant, anti-depressant, lowers anxiety and fear (CAUTION: dermal irritant, avoid with children and during pregnancy) CLOVE BUD (Eugenia caryophyllata) powerful anti-bacterial-wide spectrum, useful in treating fungal infections/shingles/asthma/sinusitis/bronchitis/arthritis/rheumatism, circulatory stimulant, prevents and treats colds/flu/viral infections/tonsillitis/abdominal cramps/nausea, stimulates digestion, stimulant to mind/memory, uplifting, combats drowsiness, warming (CAUTION: high dermal/mucus membrane irritant, avoid with children and during pregnancy) CEDARWOOD ATLAS (Cedrus atlantica) strong antiseptic/fungicide, useful in treating acne/oily skin/chronic dermatitis/seborrhea/dandruff/hair loss/urinary infections, prevents and treats respiratory infections/congestion/bronchitis/coughs, dries excess mucus, eases rheumatic/ arthritic pain, stimulates lymph circulation, stimulates immune system, regulates endocrine (glandular) system, kidney tonic, balances nervous system, sedative, eases tension/fear/anger (CAUTION: avoid with children under 18 months and during pregnancy)

CYPRESS (Cupressus sempervirens) useful in caring for mature/oily skin/excessive perspiration/ simple water retention/varicose veins/spasmodic coughs/muscle cramps/arthritic/rheumatic pain, stimulates circulation, prevents and treats sore throat/laryngitis/sinusitis/bronchitis/ spasmodic cough, immuno stimulant, digestive aid, balances female hormones/nervous system, prostate decongestant (CAUTION: avoid in pregnancy, high blood pressure, with estrogen dependent tumors/cancers) FIR NEEDLE (Abies siberica) useful in treating asthmatic bronchitis/coughs/sinusitis/ rheumatic/ arthritic pain, prevents and treats colds/flu, lowers fevers, tonic for the central nervous system (CAUTION: possible skin irritant, avoid in pregnancy)

FRANKINCENSE (Boswellia carteri) useful in treating mature-aged skin/acne/scars/skin and varicose ulcers/difficult to heal wounds/colds/flu/bronchitis/coughs/laryngitis/rheumatism/ chronic diarrhea/genito-urinary infections-wide spectrum, regulates mucus, deepens breathing, eases digestion, immunostimulant, lowers anxiety/nervous tension/stress/nightmares, calming/soothing (CAUTION: avoid in pregnancy)

GINGER (Zingibar officinale) useful in treating sores/bruises/chronic bronchitis/congestion/

cough/sinusitis/sore throat/tonsillitis/arthritis/rheumatism/muscle aches and pains/poor circulation/varicose veins/chills/colds/flu/fever/infectious diseases-wide spectrum/diarrhea/

colic/cramp/ flatulence/constipation/ indigestion/travel sickness, raises body temperature, sharpens senses, warms emotions (CAUTION: possible dermal irritant, avoid in pregnancy)

MYRRH (Commiphora myrrha) useful in treating inflamed skin/skin ulcers/difficult to heal wounds/eczema/laryngitis/sore throat/asthma/bronchitis/colds/gingivitis/wasting-degenerative diseases/diarrhea, increases appetite, eases leucorrhea/thrush, calming (CAUTION: avoid in pregnancy)

ORANGE (Citrus sinensis) useful in working with dull/oily skin/skin puffiness/mouth ulcers/ muscles spasms/water retention, softens thick/chapped/fissured skin, prevents and treats bronchitis/colds/flu, environmental disinfectant, aids digestion, energizes, major anti-depressant (CAUTION: avoid use just prior to exposure to sun or tanning lamps)

PEPPERMINT (Mentha x piperita) useful in treating dermatitis, toothache/bronchitis/halitosis/

respiratory infections/laryngitis/sinusitis/spasmodic-dry cough/respiratory congestion/neuralgia/ sciatica/arthritis/rheumatism/muscular aches/colds/flu/fever/gingivitis/toothache/cramps/ indigestion/flatulence/nausea/diarrhea/headaches/mental exhaustion, relieves itching/increases white blood cells, aids in detoxification of medicines, stimulates lymphatic system, stimulates bile secretion, stimulating, anti-depressant, warms when cold/cools when hot (CAUTION: avoid in pregnancy, during lactation, receiving homeopathic care, do not use on children under age three-spearmint safer with young children)

SPEARMINT (Mentha viridas) refreshing to skin, useful in treating asthma/bronchitis/sinusitis/ most respiratory infections/muscle pain/headaches/colds/flu/fever/colic/flatulence/

nausea/vomiting/hiccups, stimulates bile production, mild diuretic, lowers stress/fatigue (CATION: avoid in pregnancy)

SPRUCE NEEDLE (Picea mariana) respiratory tonic, antiseptic, useful in preventing and treating bronchitis/cold/flu/infections, useful in treating wet asthma/muscle-joint pain, stimulates circulation, lowers anxiety/stress/tension, stimulating/uplifting/grounding (CAUTION: possible skin irritant, avoid in pregnancy)

TANGERINE (Citrus reticulata) useful in treating muscle spasms-cramps/flatulence-belching/constipation/PMS/strengthens nervous system, lowers stress/tension/fear, smooths stretch marks, vascular system tonic, increases lymphatic drainage, stimulate liver/gallbladder (CAUTION: avoid use just prior to exposure to sun or tanning lamps)

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